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Client Testimonial 7

Dear Gene:

A coworker recommended Gene to me for my personal injury accident. I'm so glad she did. Not only is Gene a great attorney he is a great person. Gene has an exceptionally broad knowledge and experience of personal injury law. Gene is personable and responsive. I am very pleased with the service provided and the results obtained. -- CK

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Client Testimonial 6

Dear Gene:

I sincerely appreciate how you handled my auto accident case and am pleased to share my testimonial.

Working with Gene Hou and Missouri Injury Law Firm was an excellent decision as well as a very positive experience. I was apprehensive about hiring a law firm to represent me due to injuries I sustained in an auto accident. The accident was not my fault, and the at-fault driver’s insurance company agreed to pay for damages. My injuries were very real and substantiated by medical reports, and it seemed realistic that I would be reasonably compensated for my injuries.

After more than 18 months of medical treatment and my ongoing negotiations with the insurance company, their settlement offer was grossly insufficient to cover my injuries. I clearly didn’t have the skills for this negotiation, and the insurance company was taking full advantage.

A family member referred me to Gene and I am ever-thankful. From the first meeting, Gene was highly knowledgeable, but his first concern was genuinely for my well-being and for my full recovery. In just a few months after his intervention, Gene submitted a comprehensive demand package, and the insurance company agreed to a policy-limit settlement. This outcome was a direct result of Gene’s expertise and professionalism.

Although I continue to suffer from the injuries, I now have the financial resources to continue treatment as needed. I highly recommend Gene Hou if you need a personal injury attorney.

Many thanks Gene … and the Missouri Injury Law Firm staff.

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Client Testimonial 1

I have told my friends at work that I need to find an I ♡ my lawyer t-shirt like they show on the TV commercials. I met Gene Hou due to an accident in which my son and I were involved in where he was the Attorney for the At-Fault Insured's insurance company. I have to say I was most impressed with his honesty, you just don't find that much these days. I liked him so much from that case where we were on the opposite sides of the table, that I hired him to represent me in a secondary accident that I was involved in on May 28th, 2014. He was able to help me tremendously throughout the entire long ordeal. We were dealing with a very incompetent, difficult claims adjuster from the at-fault parties insurance carrier. Gene remained professional and was always quick to respond to their request as well as mine with complete detail and facts. The demand packet that was prepared was phenomenal. It was well written and neatly put together so that anyone could see and understand the case. Gene quickly answered, no matter the time of day or evening, every email and text I ever sent no matter how big or small the question I had was. He pepared me for all of the steps that we would take throughout the case. If anyone I know needs a personal injury attorney, or God forbid I'm hit again I highly recommend retaining Gene Hou as my attorney and yours!

Satisfied Client,

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Client Testimonial 2

I cannot say enough about Gene and the way he takes care of his clients. After trying for 26 months to handle an injury claim on my own - thinking I could be treated fairly, as I am actually 'in the trade' - I was flatly told that they wouldn't handle any of my medical bills (which were fairly modest - I sought only compensation for the surgery, chiropractic treatment and my insurance copay). I went immediately to Gene at the direction of an attorney I used to work with; in less than 4 months, the matter was completed, and beyond my wildest dreams. Not only is Gene a great guy who is also filled with integrity - he just flat-out 'gets it done'. I would gladly speak on his behalf to anyone at any time.

And I mean every word. Let me know if that is insufficient?

- Missouri's Traffic and Injury Law Specialists -

From speeding tickets to devastating car accidents to serious injury and death cases, Missouri Injury Law Firm has the proven expertise to handle your case and provide you with step-by-step legal assistance. Missouri Injury Law Firm provides a highly experienced personal injury attorney to clients who have been injured in an accident whether at work or as a result of someone else's negligence. Our traffic law attorney provides representation for traffic accidents, speeding tickets, and DWI/DUI cases and is committed to every client, regardless of the circumstances. To strengthen your case in court with high-quality legal representation and to receive the maximum compensation for your injury, choose Missouri Injury Law Firm.

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