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Slip and Fall Lawyer in Kansas City, MO. Accidents can happen at any time and for any reason, but the majority of slip and fall accidents are fully avoidable. It's because of this that if a resident of Kansas City, MO slips and falls while on another person's property, like a big-box store, eating establishment, or shopping center, and the manager's inability to maintain a safe and clean environment for the general public caused the accident, the injured person is often able to sue for damages. If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident that was due to a property owner's negligence, Gene Hou and the Kansas City Slip and Fall Lawyers at the Missouri Injury Law Firm can help. Our intelligent legal team understands how troubling it is to suffer harm due to a property manager's negligence and is dedicated to ensuring that slip and fall victims in Kansas City, MO have the right to top-tier legal representation. If you are thinking about bringing a suit against a property owner for your injuries caused in a slip and fall accident, call 636-333-1717 or contact Missouri Injury Law Firm today for a free consultation with our Slip and Fall Attorneys in Kansas City.

Liability in Slip and Fall Accidents

In 2016, overmore than 34,673 people died as a result of slip and fall accidents in the U.S. While responsibility for slip and fall accidents that happen at home falls on the owner of the home, if someone gets hurt while on another person's private property, or public property, in a way that could have been prevented, the property owner is culpable for the injured person's damages in both Missouri and Illinois.

Laws in Missouri and Illinois state that property owners are bound to use reasonable care when other people are on their property and either a) keep a hazard-free, safe, and clean environment, or b) alert guests of potential hazards on the property. If a property owner is irresponsible and does nothing to keep guests safe on their property, and someone is injured or killed because of the property owner's delinquence, the owner of the property is liable for the victim's damages.

Under Missouri's statute of limitations, victims can recover funds for medical expenses, pain and suffering, wages missed due to the injury, replacing damaged property, and loss of affection within five years of the date that the accident occurred, subject to the degree of fault (if any) that they had in causing the accident. In Illinois, you have two years from the date your accident happened to file a complaint and collect damages.

Slip and Fall Lawsuits in Kansas City, MO

Whether caused on the job, or while at a store or other public property, thousands of people are injured every year in unintentional accidents, especially slip and falls, in Missouri and Illinois. In statistics from the World Health Organization, falls are the second leading cause of unintentional or accidental deaths in America.

If you or a loved one has sustained substantial injuries in a major workplace slip and fall accident, or while on publically-accessible property, you could receive compensation for these and other damages:

  • Medical expenses, including transportation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income
  • Replacing damaged property
  • Loss of companionship

Speak with a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Kansas City Now

Deadlines for filing a slip and fall claim in Kansas City, MO can be not easy to determine. The laws dealing with premises liability, slip and fall regulations, and when you have to file your claim vary in each state. However, with the Missouri Injury Law Firm representing you in your Kansas City slip and fall case, you can be sure that your case is being handled properly. Gene Hou and the Kansas City Slip and Fall Lawyers at Missouri Injury Law Firm are passionate about making sure that you and your family are stress-free while they fight the money you are entitled to receive for your injuries, and are always available to answer any questions that you might have about your case.

Gene Hou has represented the cases of countless slip and fall victims in Kansas City and fights tirelessly to recover the largest amount of damages for every one, Gene understands just how insurance companies make decisions when it comes to personal injury claims and uses this experience to help Kansas City, MO residents earn the damages they deserve. His knowledge, extensive personal service and proven record of success makes him the first choice of Kansas City residents when they need a slip and fall lawyer.

To learn more about how the Kansas City, MO Slip and Fall Lawyers at the Missouri Injury Law Firm can take on your slip and fall case against a irresponsible property owner, and recover fair and honest compensation for your family's pain and suffering, call 636-333-1717 or contact Missouri Injury Law Firm now to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our Slip and Fall Attorneys in Kansas City, MO.

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