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Truck Accident Lawyer St. Louis, MO. As any good St. Louis, MO truck accident lawyer understands, crashes involving tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, and other large trucks are frequently catastrophic simply because of their size. The Missouri Injury Law Firm is well aware of the devastation these accidents can leave in their wake. Far too often victims are forced to undergo extended medical care, and face lost wages and mounting medical bills. If you are involved in a truck accident in St. Louis, MO, or elsewhere throughout Missouri or Illinois, it is critical to have a personal injury lawyer on your side. Call the Missouri Injury Law Firm as soon as possible at 636-333-1717 or contact us online for a complimentary, confidential consultation and case review in St. Louis, MO. Our truck accident attorney has the resources, skills, and knowledge to handle difficult truck accident claims.

Trucks carry the weight of the U.S. economy, transporting over 70 percent of all freight moved annually. These large vehicles are legally allowed to carry up to 80,000 pounds or 40 tons of cargo. Consider that a common passenger car in St. Louis, MO only weighs about 2,000 to 4,000 pounds and it is easy to comprehend exactly why truck accidents are so catastrophic. According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), of the 510,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks in 2019, there were 114,000 injury crashes and 4,479 fatal crashes.

If you have been in a truck accident, you need a St. Louis, MO law firm you can trust. We are MO truck accident lawyers with substantial track records of holding at-fault drivers accountable for their actions and negligence. We will do the same for you in St. Louis, MO. We understand that you may be facing financial difficulty due to the unnecessary strain of medical bills and time off of work. We believe that noone should have to deal with this type of burden. You deserve to be compensated for your damages, and we will hold the responsible party accountable. Call us today at 636-333-1717 or contact us online.

What Causes Most St. Louis, MO Truck Accidents?

Commercial truck accidents are a top cause of overall motor vehicle crashes. Between 2019 to 2021, there were 429 fatal truck accidents in Missouri. Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) accidents involving a passenger vehicle generally cause severe injury to passenger vehicle occupants, and often, fatalities can arise.

The most common causes of truck accidents in St. Louis, MO, according to FMCSA and Missouri's accident statistics, are:

Drunk Driving

Under federal law, no one can operate a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol content of .08 percent or higher. For truck drivers, the alcohol limit is cut in half – .04 percent. Also, truck drivers can’t possess alcohol in the cab, and any operator who seems to have consumed alcohol in the last 4 hours must be placed off duty for 24 hours. Our St. Louis, MO truck accident lawyer will make sure to punish any driver who made a decision to get behind the wheel while drunk to the fullest extent of the law.

Drug Use

Unfortunately, drug use among truck drivers is high and frequently linked to poor working conditions. The Code of Federal Regulations § 382 requires truck drivers to be tested for:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines and methamphetamine
  • Opiates
  • PCP

Texting and Driving

The Code of Federal Regulations § 392.80 forbids texting and driving for truck drivers any time the engine is running. Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that 80 percent of all motor vehicle accidents involved driver inattention in the moments leading up to the crash.

Driver Fatigue

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, being awake for 18 consecutive hours is comparable to having a blood-alcohol content of .05 percent. While New Jersey and Arkansas are the only states to have laws against fatigued driving, the FMCSA has enacted strict regulations in regards to hours-of-service:

Property-Carrying Drivers

  • A max of 11 hours of driving after 10 consecutive off-duty hours
  • A max of 14 hours on-duty, meaning that the trucker may not drive beyond the 14th consecutive hour after coming on duty after 10 consecutive off-duty hours
  • No more than 60 hours on duty over seven consecutive days
  • No more than 70 hours on duty over eight consecutive days
  • Any driver using a sleeper berth must take eight consecutive hours in it, plus a separate two hours in the sleeper berth or off duty, or any combination of the two.

Passenger-Carrying Drivers

  • A max of 10 hours driving after eight consecutive hours off duty
  • A max of 15 hours on-duty, meaning that the commercial driver may not drive beyond the 15th consecutive hour after eight consecutive off-duty hours
  • No more than 60 hours on duty over seven consecutive days
  • No more than 70 hours on duty over eight consecutive days
  • Drivers who use a sleeper berth must take at least eight hours in it with the option of splitting the time into two periods, provided that neither is less than two hours

Driving Outdated/Faulting Equipment

The Code of Federal Regulations § 392.7 says that every “motor carrier, its agents, drivers, offices, representatives, and employees” consistently inspects, repairs, and maintains their trucks, along with keeping updated and detailed records. They must inspect:

  • Time and frame assemblies
  • Suspension systems
  • Wheels and rims
  • Axles
  • Steering systems
  • Brakes

If a St. Louis, MO trucking company does not complete these yearly and pre-tip inspections, or if they choose to hire drivers outside of the parameters set forth by state law, Missouri Injury will establish negligent hiring practices.

If you need a truck accident lawyer in St. Louis, MO, to help you gather evidence, defend your claim from the truck carrier's insurance agent, or negotiate a St. Louis, MO truck accident settlement, give Missouri Injury a call today at 636-333-1717 or reach out to us online for a no-cost, no-risk consultation and case review.

How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer in St. Louis, MO Help My Case?

When you need a truck accident lawyer in St. Louis, MO to represent your injury claim, Missouri Injury is available 24/7 to fight for your future. Gene Hou and the St. Louis, MO truck accident team take pride in protecting the rights of injury victims and fighting for the most compensation for truck accident claims in St. Louis, MO.

Our knowledgeable and skilled St. Louis, MO truck accident lawyer will:

  • Fully investigate your claim, including getting critical evidence and interviewing witnesses
  • Constantly communicate, keeping you up-to-date on your case
  • Collaborate with our network of accident and medical experts throughout the St. Louis, MO area to accurately and precisely value your claim
  • Pass along each piece of information you need to make the best decision for you and your loved ones

What Type of Compensation is Available After a St. Louis, MO Truck Accident?

If you were hurt in a St. Louis, MO truck accident, you are eligible to seek compensation. The damages in a truck accident lawsuit are awarded so that you can return to the life you were living before your accident, or as close as possible. You can get compensation for direct costs that you currently owe, or are due in the future. These are commonly known as economic damages and include:

  • Medical bills
  • Ongoing medical treatment
  • Homecare and home adjustments
  • Loss of potential future income
  • Future medical costs
  • Rehabilitation
  • Income lost during recovery

You can also receive compensation for emotional injuries and trauma, referred to as non-economic damages, and include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional stress
  • Inconvenience
  • A decline in your quality of life
  • Physical impairment or disfigurement

Reach Out to a St. Louis, MO Truck Accident Lawyer to Discuss Your Case | Missouri Injury Law

The truck accident attorneys at Missouri Injury have dedicated their careers to fighting for St. Louis, MO residents who have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. Read what our St. Louis, MO clients think about our legal representation.

For a no-cost consultation with the Missouri Injury Firm, call a truck accident attorney at 636-333-1717 or reach out to us today.

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